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No Ban, No Wall

I don’t recognize this country anymore. These last few days to a week have been sobering and heartbreaking to say the least.


There is now talk of building walls, denying refugee and asylum status to immigrants from countries in need like Syria, where if these individuals remain they face almost certain death. These orders even apply to green card holders.

There also seems to be a renewed push to dismantle sanctuary status for many cities. Thankfully mayors from cities like Boston and New Mexico have already spoken and said they won’t be cowed by bullies. I hope Mayor Barry here in Nashville soon follows suit.

It is also pretty apparent that some of these actions and executive orders have no Constitutional basis or authority. But yet this President is either unaware or unwilling to acknowledge these limitations.

I was comforted and encouraged after attending the Women’s March in Nashville last weekend. Over 15000 people marched in solidarity with their sisters, daughters and mothers. I also know that those of us who were asleep or in a complacent stupor over the welfare of our country are now truly awake.

To quote Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (& women) to do nothing.”

For those of you who voted for Trump, I bear you no ill will. But understand that you have now enabled a narcissistic sociopath egomaniac (redundant much?) who only cares about himself and is obsessed with his own popularity. And by the way, facts are facts! There’s no such thing as alternative facts. Those would be lies!

Your actions have crippled our nation. The Mexican President has said that Mexico will not pay for the wall. Make no mistake we, our children and our grandchildren will be stuck with the bill. Also understand that the blood of the refugees or asylum seekers who can’t leave places in peril for the US is now on your hands. I hope you are good with that.

Finally, if you’re a Christian, I honestly cannot see how you condone any of these actions. The Jesus I know and love is weeping for these injustices.

For my part, I can no longer be silent. I hope my song “Immigrant” gets heard far and wide. Those of us who believe in an America that reflects our higher selves will stand our ground and work towards restoring the ideals on which this country was built.

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